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Are you bored of proffering the same boring packaging to your customers? If yes then our company has come up with some amazingly designed innovative custom boxes. Our boxes will increase your sales chart and will catch all the limelight on the shelves. Are you worried about the durable packaging? Quality of inks? Innovative box styles incorporation? We at RightCustomBoxes have answers to all your questions.

Our boxes go from various tests. However, our customers work day and night to provide you with awesome boxes. Our CSR team is 24 hours at your disposal. We offer the best quality boxes that will not disappoint your business anymore. However, we offer boxes for diverse industries like food and beverages, sweets, bakery items, candles, cosmetics, software, and much more. We offer all kinds of boxes specific to any business you do.

So, now your wait is over, and we are one click away from your order. So, place your order to have the most sales gaining custom retail boxes.

Our Custom Boxes Comprise Durable Material

The materials we utilize in manufacturing the boxes are long-lasting and resistant to various climatic problems.

If you are ready to have the knowledge of our offered material boxes then read below:

Kraft Material

  • Affordable
  • Durable
  • Cheap
  • Lightweight
  • Best for local shipment

Cardstock Material

  • Affordable
  • Cheap
  • Lightweight
  • Thicker then kraft
  • Best for local shipment
  • Good for color models acceptance

Corrugated Material

  • Comprise of flutes
  • Affordable
  • Heavy then Cardstock
  • Best for local shipment
  • Good for local and International Shipments.

Rigid Material

  • Comprises Thicker Material
  • Expensive
  • Thicker than corrugated material
  • Best for gift and subscription boxes
  • Good for local and international shipments

By reading the above characteristics you will easily diagnose what kind of material is required for your product. These all materials are sustainable and don’t harm the biotic factors as plastic packaging do. So, our advice is that never go for picking up the plastic BPA materials for any kind of packaging. As we all should love the earth. Because it takes thousands of years for plastic to get decomposed.

Look at the Additional Features we Offer

We proffer various additional features to embrace out your custom boxes with logo. For instance, if you are manufacturing candles then get our window box packaging to encase your candles in an attractive manner so that the onlookers can have a view of the candles.

We also offer various additional features specific to the various box ranges. Here at RightCustomBoxes, we offer:

  • Spot UV
  • Foiling
  • Embossing
  • Debossing
  • Stickers
  • Hot Stamping

The all above-listed features are utilized by our experts. They create a combination of these features to make your business industry popular through the help of custom packaging.

For instance, if you want to place your products in the rigid box then we can incorporate the caption of your product in gold foiling feature on the rigid box. However, this aspect will look awestruck.

We also offer pillow-style boxes for various products. Such as we can place candles, cosmetics, and other jewelry accessories within the pillow boxes and can decorate them with nice stickers.

Our experts focus on the opening styles

The opening styles 70 percent reflect the entire box outlook. So, our experts work hard to provide you with nice opening styles. We proffer outstanding opening styles:

Sleeve Box Packaging

It is the most attractive style we offer. Our experts embed the PVC die-cut feature on this box by measuring the correct dimensions of the box. Moreover, our graphic designers look for the trending colors and offer different colors for the box base and sliding sleeve color.

Tuck-end Box Packaging

We offer tuck end packaging in various functional series. You can pick the one from our offered series. Such as straight-end, reverse end, sealed end, or front tuck end. Any box style you can avail of according to the specific product requirements.

Gable Boxes

The gable boxes are best for gifting purposes. However, you can enclose any gift item within this gable packaging. The gable packaging is perfect for bakery items. You can also imprint attractive confectionary floral artwork on the box. Further, you can also add the bow to the gable packaging.

Two-Piece Boxes

The two-piece Custom boxes are awe-inspiring. Go for placing the candles within these two-piece boxes. However, we also add the perforation within these Custom boxes along with a silk cloth so, you can present the candles as gift boxes too. Our experts also make your boxes smell good. You can select from the offered fragrances and we can implement the selected one onto your gift package.

Insert Coatings

Coatings seal in the ink of the boxes in outrageous ways. However, add the coatings on the box according to the material you select. We can add the coatings aligned to the product range you are offering.

For instance, if you want cosmetic boxes then we prefer the glossy coating for the cosmetic boxes.

Here our experts offer the following coatings:

  • Gloss
  • Matte
  • Aqueous
  • Metallic
  • Pearlescent
  • Satin
We offer Green Guidelines

Our experts follow green guidelines for manufacturing various kinds of box materials. We structure boxes that are sustainable and eco-friendly. By offering the green boxes to your customers you can eliminate the toxic constituents, less material is utilized, you offer recycled packaging which is less like to be recyclable.

Why Choose Us?

By selecting our company, you can catch the maximum attention and sales. We offer

various designs to make your box packaging look awesome. You can attract the maximum attention of your users by availing of our boxes. Our experts efficiently design boxes for your various business domains.

If you don’t like our offered designs then, you can convey us your designs  as well. Starting from the material selection to the assembling of the custom boxes wholesale, our experts help you at every stage of manufacturing.

We at RightCustomBoxes offer free prototypes for your convenience. Like you can have a flat view and physical sampling according to your packaging. However, we proffer free shipping all over the USA.

So, wait no more and get the best custom printed boxes today.

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