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The Custom rigid boxes are widely consumed by various industries, ranging from the fashion and apparel sector to perfume, cosmetics, and jewelry. We at the RightCustomBoxes offer the best range of rigid boxes. You can encase any delicate product of your choice in our rigid boxes. So, boost up your sales by buying our rigid box packaging today…!!

However, the design of luxury packaging is suited to both small and large runs and is adaptable to meet virtually any design or budget. The benefits and versatility of custom rigid boxes include added protection, compared to cheaper folding cartons, they are easy to handle, merchandise display potential, reusability, and their ability to be covered in multiple textures, including papers, leathers, or fabrics.

We Offer Amazing Material for Your Rigid Box Packaging 

We offer durable material for rigid packaging. Our experts really care about protection. Therefore, our custom printed rigid boxes are highly durable and ensure that the inside product will remain protected and secure. Our packaging will assist you to win the consumer’s trust in no time. There are many customers who love to buy eye-catching boxes.
Nowadays, non-recyclable materials are in great trend. Hence, they are not environmentally friendly. So, buy eco-packaging material rigid boxes. We create custom rigid boxes by utilizing high standard chipboard material covered in a paper wrap and use heavier-weight board than folding cartons.

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Avail Graphical Artwork for your Rigid Boxes

We offer you with enticing rigid boxes graphics. The rigid boxes are really famous nowadays. Therefore, our team nicely focuses on the customization techniques, which can transform your ordinary box packaging into the most alluring one.

We provide our customers with various graphical customization ideas such as:

  • Write a free marketing message on the rigid box as it contains ample space to put on write-ups.
  • Emboss your logo or any cool message to attract customers to buy the product encased in a rigid box.
  • You can reach maximum customers by altering the outlook of the box
  • We offer unique font styles specific to your product industry.
  • We also offer extra options to add on the custom rigid boxes, such as custom inserts, to enclose different products in one place.
  • Add a window cut on the custom rigid packaging to give an inner glance of the product.
  • Inscribe various thematic colors on the rigid packaging as the color plays an essential role in attracting the people towards the packaging.

Select an Adequate Font Styles on Your Rigid Boxes

The font is the key feature to embrace the outlook of your boxes. So, you can select from bold to italic font according to your product’s specifications and need. Therefore, the basic choice of using typography is selecting the correct font. So, the font should be as clear and right. It shouldn’t be too small and crummy. Using fonts that are easy to read is key to presentation.

Therefore, the fonts add value to your text. Moreover, it helps readers to perceive information from the text. The correct choice of color, font, and text size can prove to be vital for attracting your target audience.

The following are the font style which you can adopt for your custom rigid boxes and for custom retail boxes as well:

  • Helvetica Neue – BOLD
  • Franklin Gothic
  • Cooper Black
  • Pacifico
  • Chunk Five
  • NEXA – Light
  • Seaside Resort
  • Museo Slab
  • And many more

Thus, the above-discussed font styles will embrace your rigid boxes beautifully.

Cost-effective Rigid Boxes

Our rigid boxes are cost-effective for your brand, which means that our rigid boxes comprise of good value, and its benefits and usage are worth and at affordable prices. In the market, there is a great misconception that rigid boxes are expensive. However, you can get cheap rigid boxes by availing our services.

So, grab our wholesale rigid boxes to encase your stuff inside. Our experts can modify the outlook of your rigid wholesale boxes as well in any design or style you want. So, wait no more and grab your choice rigid boxes right now…!!

Rigid Luxury Boxes

The gifts always look so presentable in rigid box styles. So, grab custom rigid boxes to wrap your products nicely for gifting. We provide the fastest production time, reasonable price range, stellar customer service, and superbly finished rigid boxes. Furthermore, you can also add additional accessories to your rigid boxes, such as decorations accessories to put over your rigid boxes such as ribbons, flowery patterns, foiling techniques, etc.

Thus, these all add on will make your Luxury Rigid Boxes look amazing and awestruck. Our custom Rigid boxes are one of our top sellers. We can have them designed, printed, and shipped at your doorstep in minimal time.

Take Advantage of Our Services

We are offering custom, rigid packaging at a really good price rate. Grab our finishing options. You can avail of our high standard chipboard packaging or any other material you prefer with embossing, debossing, gold/silver foiling, or matte/glossy look for your boxes. Additionally, we have a team of creative graphic designers and professionals to assist you with choosing the most pertinent template for your rigid packaging

We are here 24/7 active to take care of all queries, issues, and problems. Therefore, you can get order updates or product info by connecting with us through email, phone, or chat.

We at the RightCustomBoxes value your time and money and make sure that all orders are processed right away and delivery deadlines are met. If you are not able to understand the rigid packaging externally or internally, we also provide mock-up samples and videos to make you understand the packaging.

Thus, in case of any delays, we proactively reach out to you. So, contact us today to get competent rigid boxes.

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