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Cosmoholics around the world have the craze to purchase fancy cosmetics products because these enhance their natural features and gives a boost to their self-esteem. People love to look pretty all the time hence the demand in the cosmetics products remain constant throughout the year.
For this, the vendors are always in the search of the custom cosmetic boxes for the glorification of their quality products.
These play an important role in the sales of your premium products like the mascara, foundation and lipsticks. Moreover, the advantage of personalizing your boxes is that the consumer feels more association towards your brand.
Thus, the Right Custom Boxes serves their clients with the stalwart packaging with inbuilt customizations. Our customization range from the printing, add-ons to the manufacturing techniques. Hence, if you have any image of the custom cosmetic packaging do let us know. Our customer services are available 24/7 to accommodate you in the best manner.

Packaging that Allures the Customer Towards your Products:

There is no doubt that half of the product branding is done by the layout of the product. The designs and bright colors on the box attract the buyers from a distance and push them in having a look into your product. Having sufficient information on the outer side of the box gives the customer complete satisfaction and the reason for purchasing that product.

The ingredients are normally printed with the flexography or letterpress printing. These are reasonable for the printing of text of any form on to the boxes. Similarly, you can have the product like animations on to the boxes that give the buyers a more clear picture of the product. For instance, for the lipstick boxes, you can get an image of lips on the box. Or else you may change it into multiple shades of colors as well.

We offer both digital and offset printing at affordable rates with premium colors. Our colors are highly reliable and we have the long-lasting collection fall of the colors that fall under the CYMK and PMS printing models. However, you will find only a few of the color shade in the CMYK color model. Whereas, the PMS color model is loaded with a wide spectrum of the colors in several shades.

Displaying the Cosmetics in most Sophisticated:

Only those products which are well displayed at the point of purchase have greater chances of making it to the buyer’s end. The boxes must be neatly trimmed and should be in their best possible designs. Like the most popular box templates are the tuck end, seal end, five-panel hanger and mailer boxes.

Besides this, you can place the cosmetics testers in the taper styles display boxes or any other box that gives the buyers a real-time experience. This assists them in choosing the perfect product that matches their skin shade perfectly. And thus there are greater chances that they might come back to you as you are facilitating them more in comparison to other retailers.

There are two different techniques we normally use for the manufacturing of the boxes. This includes die-cut and gluing manufacturing methods. The boxes made with the die-cut are more sustainable and cost-effective as they consumers lesser space while shipping of the boxes and are fixable with the help of die-lines. Alternatively, although the gluing facilitates with the box fixation yet the overall shipping cost increases to much extent.

The Guaranteed Long-lasting Shelf life of the Products:

It is for sure that our products never fail to meet customer’s expectations. We make quality products that stay both on the store shelves and minds of buyers so that you may not face any brand loss. Consumers are more oriented toward the eco-friendly packaging these days. There is no wonder how poor packaging is affecting our surroundings badly.

Hence, we make custom cosmetic boxes out of Kraft material that is biodegradable and recyclable in nature. It is a highly cheap and durable packaging material that not only bring monetary benefits but builds brand association also. Similarly, we have custom cardstock and cardboard cosmetic boxes that are available from 14pt-22pt in compositions.

Furthermore, the corrugated boxes that in other words is the king of material, is highly suitable for transportation of the products from one place to another. They will keep the delicate glass container, compact cases and skin sensitive product from dirt and external bumps. Hence, your product will make it successfully to the buyer’s end in no time.

Do not Forget to add a Logo on the Boxes:

The chunks on the boxes engage the buyer’s attention and help them in remembering the brand name as well. The logos look more mesmerizing with detailing like debossing or the embossing. Embossing engraves the text upwards while the debossing pushes it into the box.

Moreover, we provide spot UV coating, gloss and matte ones. The spot UV highlight the only portion that you want to make noticeable while keeping the rest of the box matte. All of them are reasonable and enhances the final outlook of the box by making them sleek and smooth. You can also get a window patch or the window die-cut into the outer surface of the boxes.

Apart from them, we have foil stamping that comes in almost every shade. It is no wonder how silver and gold foiling has superseded the other types of foiling that normally looked good on the pink cosmetic boxes wholesale. But the magic color does to your packaging are tremendous.

Give a Boost to your Business with the Right Custom Boxes:

It is not us but our bespoke products that are a trademark of our quality services. We personalize each product according to the brand so that the boxes itself does half of the branding. Furthermore, we have three of the product reviewing ways that give you a real-time product experience and boost your self-satisfaction.

You can either avail 2D flat view, 3D mockup video or physical sampling as per your need and product dimensions. Importantly we are providing free shipping for the custom cosmetic boxes wholesale all over the USA. And we have the fastest turnaround time of 6-7 business days.

Do let us know your dream picture of the retail boxes at This for sure you won’t be disappointed with our services and our team will try to tailor the best boxes of all time for your brand.