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Gifts are the symbol of emotions, connection and celebration. People usually use the gift to express their feelings to their beloved ones. Hence, they expect their custom gift packaging to be extremely sophisticated, charismatic and alluring. This is due t the fact that they feel a sense of connectivity and attachment to them.

It is no wonder how the Right Custom Boxes have been serving their customers over the years with the wholesale gift packaging enriched with unlimited customization. The favor boxes are normally decorated  with sparky add-ons to make them attractive. Besides this, customer may often request a short note to be printed on the boxes.

These little gestures adds value to the appearance of your gifts. We have state of the art craftmanship and high technology that make it possible for us to tailor the boxes in any shapes and styles. Hence we accommodate any product of several dimensions. If you have any picture for your packaging share with our customer service at any time of the day.

Captivating and fascinating add-ons:

There are multiple of ways in which you can make your gift boxes special and distinguishable from other ones. One of the ways in which you can do is by the usage of extravaganza add-ons such as embossing, debossing, spot UV, gloss, matte polish and foil stamping.

The embossing is also considered as raised ink. It is a letter pressing technique where the text is printed a slight upper from the normal surface. Alternatively, the debossing is the one where the text is engraved into the box. Similarly, getting the foil stamping is multiple shade is difficult. But guess what? The Right Custom Boxes maintaining their top-notch services even come up with the foil stamping in every shade.

However, in any case the gold and silver still remains the charisma of all ages. Beside this, we designs window gift boxes for the displaying of the confectionaries like creamy sweets and chocolates. This gives the customer the freedom to have a look at what they are purchasing and gives you a competitive edge over the other products.

Customize your boxes according to your wish:

We make the boxes out of several packaging material including the cardstock, eco-friendly Kraft, corrugated, rigid and cardboard. All of them are highly affordable and comes in 14-22pt except the rigid boxes that start from the 20pt and goes up to the 32pt.

Moreover, the corrugated boxes are commonly used for transporting the product over long distance. Hence, they come in type A, B, C, E and F depending upon the thickness of the the flute. Whatever material you go for your custom gift boxes wholesale, guaranteed protection of your products is assured from our company.

Multiple Printing techniques:

Gifts for love ones are best way of expressing your emotions toward them. That’s why the Right Custom Boxes provides you the boxes with amazing printing. We offer three different printing technique at highly affordable rates.

Digital printing.
Offset printing.
Flexographic printing.

Let us explain the difference between three of them. It will be easy for you to decide which type meets your need and product type accordingly. There is no difference between the digital printing and the printing we do in our home and offices. However, the printing with Offset printers and Flexographic printers is old technique but still effective at industrial level and is used extensively. This type of printing is done by rollers and printing plates.

Stalwart packaging material that protect your precious products:

The gift box act as a shield of protection for your gift. That’s why material of box matters a lot and as a customer oriented company, protection of customer’s product is the one of the most important priority of us. We have number of built in templates from which you can make choice and all are fully customizable. If you don’t find any that fulfills your needs, you can pitch yours’ idea, we will design and finalize that for you. Some of templates are given below:

Mailer corrugated boxes.
Seal end boxes.
2-piece boxes.
Book style boxes.

All of these can be moulded in to any shape and size according to demand. Similarly the box manufacturing techniques matters a lot. Boxes that use gluing technique cost you a bit more as they use more space. However, the boxes with die-lines are easy to assemble and has a low shipping cost.

Custom themed boxes and cruelty-free colors:

Good colors not only made box look adorable but also effect the love and emotions. You can get the captivating animations and fancy quotations or messages printed on the custom boxes for the loved ones. Our designers are there to assist you with the best possible style in which you can communicate your emotions well to your dear ones and have a long lasting impact on them.
For this purpose we offer three types of coloring schemes:


CMYK and RGB are not much different from each other as both supports the basic colors. If you want basic color scheme in design of your box, then the CMYK and RGB will be best for you. However, PMS color scheme has a broader spectrum of colors that have numbers of color shades in it such as light pink, baby pink, dark pink and many other shades. If you want your box to be much more colored in detail, PMS will be best for your boxes but this will cost you a bit more.

Quicker Delivery and Reasonable Charges:

We don’t only provide customization to boxes but we also provide our customers with the final design before handing it over to the production department for manufacturing of the box. We send our customer with the 2D and 3D image of the box to get better understanding of the box layout and design. Still If customer is unable to get the layout of the design we provide them  with the physical samples for the better understanding of the products.

We also provide the world class shipping services. Our shipping services are handled by the ones who are professional in their work. Our shipping services are free of cost for USA. We took 5 to 8 working day to deliver. Avail our shipping services so that you won’t have to face any difficulty and enjoy your package freely. Without wasting any minute email us at and do let us know the details of your dreamy Gift Boxes packaging.