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Since the dawn of time, retailers have been dealing with the serval products that range from food to cosmetics. Encompassing the wide range of the product and making them up to the market and consumer standard is not easy. One needs to follow up trends. Thus, in such a hustle the Right Custom Boxes assist you with the custom packaging that meets the expectation of the buyers.

We provide personalization facility in all design and with the captivating features in them like add-ons and printing. Moreover, the material and manufacturing techniques are even according to your likes and dislikes. The things that give us a competitive advantage over the others are our affordable rates and free shipping all across the USA.

If you are in search of the most striking packaging, head on to your customer services that are available 24/7 to provide you with the free consultation.

Printing enhances the graphical communication of the products:

Surprisingly, the layout of the box influence its sales to a much greater extent. The pictures on the custom boxes says a lot about h nay product can be favorable for someone. The buyers are always particular about their money and thus they prefer to pick the most dreamy product out of all.

Through printing, you can get the product-related animations on the boxes. The picture may be printed with the help of digital printing or offset printing. Moreover, the ingredient is likely to last longer with the flexography. Flexography is the technique that is solely designated for the letterpress printing.

Among all the cheapest one is the digital printing because it requires lesser manpower. However, the cost of the offset printing reduces only when you are ordering the boxes in bulk amount. Whatever technique you opt for, we use only cruelty-free color of CMYK and PMS.

The multiple shades of a single color are available in the PMS color model like the dark purple, light purple. Whereas in the CMYK color scheme you will get only the purple tone.

Sizzling add-ons that saves your marketing cost:

Yes! For sure, it is a fact that the detailing on the custom retail boxes and packaging reduces the overall cost of the marketing campaigns. It is because through the add-ons you can lure the customers to your products. You can make your brand logo, slogan or any other jargon prominent with the foil stamping, embossing or debossing.

The embossing gives the text an upward raise effect whereas the debossing craves the text into the boxes and creates a depression into that. Similarly, we have the foil stamping in almost every shade from blue, black to gold and silver. Moreover, you can have a window patching or the window die-cut out.

Also, we provide three different kinds of coatings to make the appearance of your boxes more alluring and tempting. The gloss coating adds a luminous effect to them. However, the spot UV is usually used to pop up a small portion on the box. Similarly, the matte coating makes the boxes dull and dusky.

Wide range of box styles and sizes:

We personalize the boxes in all sizes, shapes, styles and dimensions because we believe that every box cannot make a perfect fit for any product. Thus, the Right Custom Boxes customize the boxes in accordance with the product shelf life and requirements.

The highly popular templates for the custom retail product packaging are:

Tuck end boxes.
Five-panel hanger boxes.
Seal end boxes.
2-piece boxes.
Mailer boxes.
Display boxes.

The boxes may have additional tans or locking foot as per your demand. We also provide free of cost inserts along with for a snuggly fitting. Just to let you know we make the boxes with the die-cut and gluing manufacturing technique.

The boxes that have die-lines in them costs lesser while shipping over the long distances. It is because they are shipped in a flat dimension that makes it easier to stack them all over one another and therefore they consume lesser space. In contrary to that, the gluing fixes the boxes in one place and thus the volume of the boxes increases that ultimately increase the shipping cost.

Durable and reliable packaging material:

No matter what you do there is always a chance of the product damaging that could lead to brand loss. It is a big concern for both the retailer and the manufacturer that pushes them to look for the best packaging material. Keeping on the safer side, we suggest our clients to invest in the packaging material from 14-22pt.

It is an ideal composition number that keeps your product safe from external bumps and jerks and add on to the durability of the product. Cardstock, cardboard, rigid, eco-friendly Kraft and corrugated are few of the material that have been ruling the industry over the years. Interestingly, you will find the finest quality of all of them here at our firm.

Among all, the Kraft is booming at the hearts of the buyers due to its biodegradable feature. It decomposes instantly into the earth on pressing and leaves behind no negative effect on the surroundings. Moreover, it is cheaper and recyclable.

Similarly, the corrugated custom retail packaging falls under the umbrella of highly reliable material for the transportation of the products. It is usually available in type A, B, C, E and F with regard to the thickness of the flute.

So much more under one roof:

Certainly, we are not the box manufacturing firm rather you will get a complete package of services along with unlimited customization here. Serving our esteemed customers with the best of the best quality is our goal and we have never failed in doing so. We have a complete portfolio of various bundles specifically designed according to customer’s preferences.

To accommodate everyone we provide free of cost shipping all over the USA and free sampling. The sample could be in the form of 2D flat view, 3D mockup video or physical box. Why wait? Place your order of the wholesale retail packaging now by emailing at . Our customer services is available 24/7.