Avail our Designs on Your Custom Vape Boxes

Worried about your vape boxes?  We hear you and understand that you put in a lot of hard work to create your product. And it’s only fair that your product is represented by the packaging it deserves. At Right Custom Boxes our dedicated expert’s design packaging, which exalts your product and adds value to it.

We are acutely aware of the centrality of packaging design. A custom printed vape product packaging is not merely a box, and it’s the last leg of your marketing campaign. Studies have shown that almost half of all significant brands worldwide dedicate more than a quarter of their marketing spend to product packaging.

And it’s only fair that packaging has become so crucial because product packaging boxes are your way of welcoming consumers, cozying them up for the product ahead.

So, we are here to provide you with the best boxes of your choice which will make your brand famous instantly. Our experts offer diverse printing options, graphical designs, coatings, opening styles, box assembling guidelines, and much more.

Have you made your mind? If yes, then place your order today to have the most elegant custom vape boxes to rock your vape direct brand within the market. We truly know how your product will create a difference within the market.

If you are ready to place your order, then you can send us your raw design ideas as well. We also offer various designs of our own. But if you want to create some design according to your creativity you are most welcome. Our sales representatives work 24 hrs. to answer your all queries and to provide you with the best boxes. Hurry up, call us to place your order.

We offer Sustainable Materials.

You will never regret your shopping with us. Our manufacturers truly care for the environment and offer you awesomely designed sustainable boxes that can magnetically attract customers towards your brand in one go.

What materials do we offer? Here we go:

Kraft Material

Our kraft material boxes are ecologically friendly and keep the environment balanced. The kraft carries various benefits such as it keeps your vapes protected and is good for local shipment. We can modify the kraft packaging according to your vape product’s pre-requisites in an enticing manner.

Cardstock Material

The cardstock material is litter thicker as compared to kraft. Our experts offer a detailed catalog of designs that you can implement for your boxes. However, the best designs for vape packaging are abstract ones. They nicely change the outlook of the boxes.

Cardstock material comprises less weight and will not be heavy during transportation. Hence, it is also best for local shipments.

Corrugated Material

The corrugated material box packaging is the enticing one. The corrugated material is thicker as compared to cardstock material but lighter than rigid material. We offer flutes in corrugated boxes. However, our packaging experts can increase or decrease the thickness of the vape boxes to structure it according to your vape box objectives.

Rigid Material

If you are planning to offer gift and luxurious vape packaging, then the rigid material is best for this purpose. Our experts can nicely modify the outer aesthetics of the boxes. However, if you are planning to send your products to bloggers, even for this purpose the rigid box packaging will be the best option.

At Right Custom Boxes, we offer magnetic closures and nice textures within rigid boxes.

We offer Plethora of Artwork

We offer various plash of colors and aesthetics for your vape packaging. If you have any raw design artwork in your mind then convey us. But if you are blank then we can do it for you. First, our experts sketch out the artwork by utilizing software such as photoshop. Then we will send you the mock-up. After the mock-up approval, we will implement the final design for you.

We offer the below-listed features for highlighting our artwork:

  • Spot UV
  • Foiling
  • Embossing
  • Debossing
  • Hot Stamping
  • Stickers

Our experts efficiently utilize the combination of the above-listed features. For example, you can utilize the combination of spot UV and embossing.

For instance, we will add the logo of your brand in spot UV, and then in the embossing feature, we will write the tagline for your brand like “Vape your Fears away” Or any other tagline you want us to write we can. This combination of the artwork can be embedded in any box material type you want to select.

Avail of Our Awe-Inspiring Coatings

Without the addition of coatings, your box cannot remain protected from environmental aggressions. So, the coating is the best step in order to keep your boxes secure.

What does a coating do? The coating will lock the ink of your vape product box. Here we offer these coatings:

  • Aqueous
  • Matte
  • Satin
  • Glossy
  • Pearlescent
  • Metallic

You can elegantly choose any of the above-listed coatings for your boxes. For instance, if you have picked up the rigid material then the matte-based coating will be the perfect match for this material box type.

Therefore, if you are confused in choosing the right coating technique according to the box material then simply contact our company’s CSR team. They are talented enough to answer your all queries.

We offer Prototypes

Our company offers various prototypes to make the product knowledge clear in your mind.

Here we provide:

  • Flat View
  • Physical Sampling
  • 3D Inspection

Our motive is to provide your right choice boxes at Right Custom Boxes. By availing our boxes forget the problem of sales.

Why Choose Us?

We offer the boxes to attract your potential customers and to create loyalty among your customers. Our manufactured custom vape boxes carry good strength, qualitative inks, and sustainable graphical artwork which will not fade away quickly from the climatic means.

Our CSR team is 24 hours available to answer your all queries. And you don’t have to worry about box manufacturing and printing by getting our services. Moreover, we offer free shipping all over the USA. So, place your order today to enhance your sales instantly.

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