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Vape Cartridge Boxes is in great demand nowadays. We here create a great impression on the customers. However, our custom vape cartridge boxes help businesses to sell their products based on their outer look. Hence, it is right to state that vape boxes play an essential part in embracing the products. However, the packaging of a certain product incorporates outlining the structure of a box and the item.

We offer vape packaging made from cutting-edge realistic designing and planning abilities. We also offer custom-made vape boxes as per the client’s needs. Our vape cartridge boxes include zero die and plate charges, a quick turnaround, high-quality offset printing, and competitive pricing. Moreover, we also give free shipping and free design support to all our customers in the U.S.A.

Avail our Designs on Your Custom Vape Boxes

What does the design do? The design enhances the customization of custom printed vape boxes. We are proffering the finest graphical designs for making your vape boxes look pleasing to the buyers.

vape cart boxes

Furthermore, you can inscribe anything on the vape packaging; for example, you can simply emboss your logo, good marketing message, ingredients and specification of the product, etc. Moreover, you can also go further by adding attractive thematic colors to your vape pen boxes, for which our company can guide you amazingly.

We are offering great Vape Opening Styles.

Seal Ended Boxes

We offer seal ended boxes to carry your delicate vape oil bottles safely. However, our professionals draw out these boxes on fine parameters to add more value to vape mod kit boxes.

This box-style involves a sticky flap on one side and another opening on the other side. Our packaging experts offer various options like colors, style, and sizes in vape cartridge boxes.

Tuck-end boxes

We create a tuck-end box that is functional, attractive, and simple. However, it will keep your vape products safe. Moreover, the rectangular shape looks beautiful for encasing your products. The put-in-position technique available in the box is a good one to use the product easily.

Moreover, the tuck end box comprises tuck flaps, which is a friction lock system to keep the vape tank boxes wholesale safe.

Gable Box

You can also avail of a gable box for encasing vape products. However, the gable box includes great handles on top of the box.

The gable box makes your products look unique and enticing. Moreover, you can alter the gable boxes by adding printing features as well.

Sleeve Box

The sleeve box is a very elegant box to encase the products safely. However, you can encase vape oil bottles in this fabulous style box. Moreover, you can imprint nice details on the boxes to make them look tremendous. Our box styles will make your vape packaging look unique.

vape tank boxes wholesale

We offer awesome elements for embracing your boxes.

Our company Right Custom Boxes offers various finishes to make custom vape cartridge boxes look eye-captivating to the customers. We have design experts to guide you the best.

You can add the following add on:

  • Stickers
  • U.V. spot
  • Beautiful foiling
  • Embossing and debossing
  • Many other options

All these above graphics will make vape packaging boxes look eye-catching and awesome.

Finish with Adding Coatings

People always like unique looking boxes that look unique from others. Just make sure your box is appealing and catches the attention of the customers greatly. A box with a custom shape and unsealed graphics won’t be able to last longer without adding a finish. We offer the following coatings:

Spot U.V. Coating

You can create your printed text highlight on the vape cartridge boxes by adding the spot U.V. coating. Further, you can add a brand name, manufacturing details, and even usage guides on the custom manufactured boxes.

Gloss and Matte Coatings

You can choose to add different finishing in gloss and matte to the boxes that make your boxes stand out from the rest. Therefore, adding a gloss finish to your boxes will add shine to make your packaging unique, whereas the matte finish lets you get a dullish look. Thus, select a nice coating for your boxes.

Focus on adding a brand tagline on the custom vape cart boxes to catch the attention of consumers. We let you add spot U.V. finishing on the vape boxes to make the text, branding, and other printed information shine. This step also helps you obtain different textures on the vape packaging.

Avail Our Wholesale Vape Boxes

We provide wholesale vape cartridge boxes in larger quantities at special discounts. Get our cost-effective wholesale vape boxes. However, you can avail of wholesale vape boxes for encasing your vape products. Moreover, you can inscribe nice add on features, themes, and colors to make your vape cartridge boxes look elegant and awesome.

Select RightCustomBoxes to attain perfect boxes to encase your vape products. We also provide mock-ups through which you can have a better idea of understanding the design of vape packaging.

vape cartridge packaging


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